Thursday, July 1, 2010

Ranting and Raving

There's often plenty to rant about.

The price of gasoline. The heat. The presence of oil in precious Gulf waters. The humidity. Your kids. Your neighbors kids. Kids. Finding out that Al Gore may have had a sex life. And, of course, anything having to do with close relatives.

But here's a new one.

New to me, at least.

It seems that the British government has finally gotten around to announcing that former BP CEO Lord Browne is now being named the country's efficiency czar.

Of course not everyone who has in any way ever been affiliated with BP bears any responsibility for the disaster that's still ongoing down there.

But there are certainly some who do, in particular those who teeter atop corporations such as BP. And it is those folks who bear direct responsibility.

And if the reporting is correct, that like Lord Browne (don't you just love someone who can get away with an old world title in lieu of a first name), you can cut safety and maintenance at your company, all in the name of economy and profit, then you are among the privileged few who bear direct responsibility.

So it goes without saying, though it is still being said, that the new British government is beyond tone deaf for appointing Browne to a spot wherein all of Britain, and now, thanks to the speed of light, all of the world, will be reminded of his decisions while atop BP.

And if anyone thinks he will survive in this position, and that the British government won't have to apologize in short order for the ham-handed nature in which this appointment was both vetted and then named, then I have some sub-prime mortgages in Detroit I would like to sell you.

I tell you, you can't make this stuff up. Even if you wanted to.

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