Wednesday, June 9, 2010

we could all benefit from an editor

it just goes without saying.

even as it goes again both the grain, and the trend.

look at what we twitter, post, share, even graffiti.

pretty soon we'll all return to grunting, caveman style, while trying to create an image on our IPad that conveys what we would otherwise say, if we had a command of language.

it will be strange, but funny.

sort of like the opening scene from Mel Brooks' History of the World.

and while I'm at it, what are people trying to say on facebook? and why are some saying too much, or too little, or just nothing? would we reveal or share if it weren't at the tip of our fingers? would we care? will we ever know?

discuss at your own peril.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

no, we're not all the same

It would be great if we lived without distinctions.

We could carry on and communicate with one another, listening and learning, without having to evaluate whether this person is signficant, and thus worthy of greater attention, or whether that person, well, you know, don't bother.

But it's not that simple.

The wealthy hold sway, carry themselves as if they're important, and if what they have to say, as well as how they say it, really matter.

Unfortunately, it does. As they hold the cards. Or at least printed the deck. Or owned the company that made the ink.

You see, it goes back. And it often goes deep.

But, still, why do they have to be so damn clueless. So unable to distinguish between the simple and the complex. The clear and the murky. The truth and the facts.

You would think that any person who has a basic command of English literacy would be able to understand a sentence, recognize a comment, and interpret meaning.

But to some, and often this applie to those, as we say, of privilege, it just doesn't matter. They choose to listen to what they want, answer the questions they select, if at all, and carry on as if the center of the universe is about them.

And, collectively, we let them.

But it would be great if those titles and zip codes and appurtenances could be stripped away, and we would have to answer ourselves, absent cover and foil.

Yes, that would be nice indeed.

And it would mean we would have to understand one another. Listening, that is. Listening.