Monday, August 27, 2012

100 Things to know.......

.........when heading off to College

1.      Have fun
2.      Use a condom
3.      Make friends
4.      Let roommate issues slide
5.      Dance
6.      Be nice
7.      Try something new each day
8.      Do something out of your comfort zone each week
9.      Be adventurous
10.  Be smart
11.  Be witty
12.  Don’t try and be something you’re not
13.  Work at becoming who you want to be
14.  Listen
15.  Listen a lot
16.  Ask questions
17.  Ask more questions
18.  Ask the same questions of different people, and learn from their answers
19.  Ask different questions of the same people, and learn from those
20.  Work hard
21.  Study hard
22.  Play hard
23.  Go to class
24.  Actively Engage in class and sections where feedback is warranted
25.  Do your own laundry
26.  Wash your clothes at least once a week
27.  That includes your sheets
28.  No, you cannot vacuum your sheets clean
29.  Dry your clothes before putting them away, folded, in a drawer
30.  Eat regularly
31.  Don’t eat too late
32.  Don’t eat truck food after 2am more than once a week
33.  Don’t pull all nighters each week
34.  Figure out which side you want to be on the recreational drug issue
35.  Beware of Canadians
36.  Don’t befriend anyone, male or female, wearing chaps
37.  Learn a new language, or two
38.  Apply your language learning among native speakers of that language
39.  Travel
40.  Learn the bus routes in town
41.  Learn the train routes out of town
42.  See the United States
43.  Find a way to travel the world
44.  Seek secret passageways across campus
45.  Earn money, but don’t fret or consume yourself with this
46.  Figure out how to stay ahead of things
47.  Don’t let race be an issue
48.  Don’t let religion be an issue
49.  Don’t get caught up in issues
50.  Talk to your parents
51.  Stay in touch with your grandparents
52.  Don’t forget things
53.  Do your assignments
54.  Reach out to faculty
55.  Do something for others
56.  Read outside of your required reading
57.  Stay engaged
58.  Make others laugh
59.  Try to make someone else smile
60.  Laugh at yourself
61.  Overcome fears
62.  Place distance between yourself and obstacles
63.  Surprise yourself
64.  Try art
65.  Take in live theater
66.  Enjoy the movies
67.  Have conversations
68.  Create dialogues
69.  Talk to people on the street
70.  Live beyond social media
71.  Document things
72.  Don’t lose your friends
73.  Help others learn what you wish you knew at that age
74.  Share
75.  Live to make these the best four years of your life
76.  Be memorable, for good reasons
77.  Give others reasons for you to be memorable
78.  Don’t forget what you once knew
79.  Don’t forget what you learn
80.  Don’t forget what you want to attain
81.  Find a way to light that spark inside
82.  Keep it lit
83.  Work out
84.  Go sledding on an icy day
85.  Go skinny dipping on a hot day
86.  Eat a new food
87.  Find a new food group, or group of foods, you would not try last week
88.  Act (globally, locally, whatever)
89.  Be satisfied
90.  Learn that it’s OK to bite the hand……
91.  Challenge, but don’t provoke
92.  Dream
93.  Think big
94.  Tilt against windmills every so often
95.  Remember youth has its advantages
96.  Everyone has a reputation, so decide what you want yours to be
97.  Ask
98.  Ask again
99.  Use that damn condom
100.                      Keep ‘em wanting more