Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Things to do in DC, Bucket List edition, for those who need these things

1)   Climb to the top of the U.S. Capitol
2)   Sit in on an oral argument at the Supreme Court
3)   Paddle a boat in front of the Jefferson Memorial
4)   Exercise on the west steps of the Lincoln Memorial
5)   Visit the Frederick Douglass Historic Site
6)   Visit the Lincoln Cottage
7)   Participate in a drum circle in Malcolm X Park
8)   Eat a half smoke at Ben’s Chili Bowl
9)   Walk, bike, or drive on all 50 State streets within DC
10)  Visit one of the remaining Civil War forts or fortifications
11)   Visit the Navy Yard or Fort McNair
12)   Attend a concert by the US Marine Band on Barracks Row
13)   Spend an afternoon at DMV
14)   Go to the National Building Museum
15)    Ice Skate on the Canal
16)    Visit an Embassy
17)     Sneak into one of the private clubs around DuPont or Farragut
18)     Visit the National Geographic complex
19)      Help out at Mitch Snyder’s CCNV
20)      Visit the Basilica of Washington
21)      Spend an afternoon at Gravelly Point
22)       Go to the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial …….. at night
23)       Ride a Metro train after midnight or before 6am
24)       Do a DC Scandal Tour, or at least a pilgrimage to any one of the sites
25)       Have an overpriced drink atop the W Hotel
26)       Go on a tour of the Treasury Department to see the Cash Room
27)       Enter the Watergate complex, legally
28)       Climb up and down the Exorcist Steps
29)       Visit Teddy Roosevelt Island
30)        Protest (or celebrate) in front of the White House
31)       Bonus points for accessing the catacombs beneath the Lincoln Memorial and extending out under the Reflecting Pool